9 Strange Laws From Around the World


To this day virtually any country of the world has some extremely weird laws. Some of them go back to the times when they made sense, some others are actually not as old as they seem. Some can be perfectly explained, the others just make no sense. Let’s look at some of them.

UK: Salmon Act 1986


It is actually illegal to handle fish in the UK under suspicious circumstances. Moreover, the law actually specifies which should be considered as fish. These include but are not limited to salmon, trout, eels, lampreys, smelt and freshwater fish. One can even be detained for holding a salmon.

Switzerland: Hiking naked

Alps Hiking

Swiss and Germans have quite a complicated relationship. Thus it is very symbolic that one of the weirdest laws in the country has been introduced because of a German citizen. In 2009 a naked German citizen walked by a Swiss family picnicking in the Alps. In 2011 Switzerland’s highest court ruled that local authorities can, in fact, impose bans on naked hiking. Interestingly enough, Switzerland doesn’t have a country wide law about public nudity.

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