How New York Life Insurance Group Started


New York Life (as it’s popularly called) started on the 12th of April 1845.

New York life assurance Company (NYLIC) is that the third-largest life assurance company within the us , the most important mutual life assurance company within the us and is ranked #69 on the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the most important us corporations by total revenue.

New York life assurance company was founded in 1845 in Manhattan’s Financial District as Nautilus Mutual Life.

It was renamed ny life assurance Company in 1849 to specialise in its life assurance business.

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Background story of latest York life assurance company

Insurance was an infant industry when ny Life’s predecessor, Nautilus insurance firm , began operations within the 1840s. Marine and insurance were important, but people hesitated to assign a cash value to human life, and sometimes associated life assurance with gambling.

As the economy became more industrial and therefore the population more mobile, society recognized the necessity to secure a family’s welfare against the loss of a breadwinner. In 1840 ny State passed a law allowing a wife to insure her husband’s life with immunity from having the advantages seized by his creditors. Such legislation recognized the utilization of life assurance during a developing industrial economy and widened its potential market beyond wealthy speculators.

New York Life has its origins during a charter granted by the ny state legislature to Nautilus insurance firm in 1841, for the sale of fireside and marine insurance.

In its early years (1846–1848) the corporate , along side other insurance companies of the day including Aetna and US Life, insured the lives of slaves for his or her owners. By 1847 these accounted for one third of latest York Life’s policies.

The board of trustees voted to finish the sale of insurance policies on slaves in 1848.The ny life assurance Company also sold policies to soldiers and civilians involved in combat during the American war and paid claims under a flag of truce during that point . within the late 1800s, the corporate began employing female agents.

New York life assurance Company’s Unique Distribution System

New York Life continued to grow throughout its first 100 years because the national population and therefore the marketplace for life assurance increased. ny Life’s growth was partially fueled by its introduction of a system by which the corporate used agents to seek out new business. In 1892, company President John A. McCall introduced the branch office system: offices that served as liaisons between ny and field agents.

In 1894, the corporate became the primary US-based insurance provider to supply life assurance to women at an equivalent cost as men; social reformer Susan B. Anthony was one among the company’s first female policyholders. In 1896, ny Life became the primary company to insure people with disabilities or in hazardous occupations.

New York life assurance company’s progress from the 20th century till date

In the 1970s, ny Life began selling annuities and mutual funds. within the late 1990s and early 2000s, as other mutual life assurance companies became publicly traded corporations, ny Life remained a mutual company.

Following the 2013 acquisition of Dexia Asset Management, later renamed Candriam Investors Group, ny Life Investments became one among the most important asset managers worldwide, with access to markets in Europe, Asia and Australia, additionally to the us 

The ny life assurance company that claims to be recession proof, depression proof, and history making, As of June 2018, ranks No. 69 on the Fortune 500 list. Fortune also named ny Life to its Most Admired Companies list for the life assurance industry group in 2017.Forbes ranked ny Life together of America’s Best Large Employers in 2017.