Prejudice is still an issue in America today. As much as we wish it wasn’t, with the current state of our country, it seems it’s getting worse rather than better.

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Rachel and Aaron Halbert are Caucasians who have experienced this themselves.  The reason why is quite unique – they deal with it because of the color of their children’s skin.

Evangelical Christians Aaron and his wife Rachel Halbert had long dreamed of becoming parents. While trying to conceive naturally, they also wanted to adopt a child, as they felt the adoption was a calling from their Christian pro-life beliefs. So the couple went to their local adoption agency. Little did they know that things were about to take an interesting turn. Their life is full of joye and daily habits for happiness. They never need psychology schools online or search for schools that offer psychology service or marriage and family therapy master’s programs in order to be happy. They are a blessed couple;

18Sharing the Same Mission

The couple first met in 2004 when they were out on a blind date. Prior to the time Aaron started traveling the world and preaching the Gospel, he was a native of Honduras. He lived in Honduras for ten years before going on to complete his studies and become a missionary. On the other hand, Rachel comes from Mississippi. According to her, she knew Aaron was he one for her from the moment she met him.

She describes him as her first love. Beyond their modest and similar demeanor, they share the same conviction and passion for the gospel. They believe they can make the world a better place by preaching the word of God

Rachel, on the other hand, was born in Mississippi. When she met Aaron, she knew right away that he was the one for her, he was his first love. Not only did they share the same humble and modest personalities, but they also knew that they can make better changes and challenges in the world through the power of the gospel.

Fusing Their Dreams into One

While on missionary works, Rachel and Aaron grew closer and eventually their relationship became romantic and intimate. Sharing similar dreams and goal they decided to get married and start a family together. The couple longed for a big and joyful family.

Unfortunately, Rachel was having issues getting pregnant. The process of starting a family was more tedious than they first thought. So, they both decided that on an agreeable course of action. Continue reading on the next page.